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Cat Comixz:
My main comic that I’ve been working on for over 8 years. It’s mostly about people reacting to Leon being a dummy. Also there’s some plot in there. There’s going to be alot more plot in the future. 

She made one wish - to be immortal. And it was granted… in a sense. Every time Red dies, she finds her consciousness in a new body and a new time. The consciousness that existed previously is gone forever, and she has the ability to change events all over time for better or for worse. 

The world she inhabits is purely one of magic; one where all modern conveniences (such as the internet) have a magical equivalent. There are many different periods of time and groups of people Red will get to experience.

(Red will be the main comic I work on once Cat Comixz is finished.)

How to Life; A Beginner’s Guide to Philosophy, Morality, and Other Important Crap:
Do you even get frustrated by how life doesn’t come with a manual? Well, be frustrated no longer! I’ll be able to (try and) answer the big questions and provide some guidance for various things almost all of us will deal with as human beings. 

(This is currently (slowly) being worked on.)

December 21st, 2012 was NOT the end of the world. In fact, it’s more accurate to say that it was a new beginning. It marked what was dubbed “The Arrival”, an event where countless creatures of human imagination and mythology (such as vampires, dragons, fairies, etc) all entered our world.

Home is a choose-your-own adventure type story, following Chad Skitz, who left his home to find his dad who fought against the more dangerous creatures that were brought forth. Along the way, he’ll make a couple new friends and make some choices that will impact the entire world. 

(Home is planned as a side-comic kind of thing set to begin once I work out some more details)

Series of Wonderful Nonsense:
My love-letter to the good old normal-people-enter-an-alternate-fantasy-world-and-explore kind of stories. 

In this, Amanda (along with her boyfriend Isaac and best friend Jonathan) explore the world of Tareh, home to the Chain-Smoking Homosexuals and the Flying Virgins (among other peoples). The two groups are at war, and it is believed that only Amanda and her friends can possibly end things peacefully.

(SoWN is set to begin shortly after I finish work on How to Life)


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
:fellaright: I'm a Freelance Cartoonist from Minnesota. I really enjoy drawing comics and I hope they get positive reviews from the good people of dA. Thanks for visiting! :fellaleft:


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:bulletblue: Series of Wonderful Nonsense (book series)
:bulletblue: How to Life; A Beginner's Guide to Morality, Philosophy, and other Important Crap (life guide)

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:bulletblue: Coleplots10 (Guest appearances in his Let's Plays)


:bulletred: One week, Cat Comixz comic
:bulletred: Following week, a filler comic or artwork of some kind

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Cat Comixz 170 by CatComixzStudios
Cat Comixz 170
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:spotlight-left: VERY IMPORTANT ARC INCOMING :spotlight-right:

Here begins the 3rd and final Golden Snow Ski Resort Arc! If you'd like, you can catch up on the first and second arcs, but the important thing to remember for this arc is the key Leon's dad gave him about a year ago in comic. This is one of the important arcs that takes place after the Susie Incident.

The Golden Snow Ski Resort arcs have always been important, so get ready to see alot of important things this time around as well. :eager:

I LOVE how I ended up formatting the panels for this one. I've come a long way from the usual 6 square panels a page. Though the dialogue was a little choppy on this one (DON'T FORGET TO DOUBLE CHECK YOUR DIALOGUE BEFORE YOU PEN OVER IT, KIDS!)

Living in Minnesota, you get used to seeing gross brownish snow on near the sidewalks and roads. It sometimes ruins the beauty of winter a bit for me...

No better time to do an arc set in January/February during AUGUST. Derp.  

(Flashback) Leon: What's the key for?
(Flashback) Harold: I'm not sure... but it's been passed down in our family for generations...
Leon: *sigh* Guess I shouldn't be surprised I haven't figured anything out about you in just over a year.
Harold: Come on, Leon, everyone else is ready! You're the one who's always clamoring to get to the ski resort!
Leon: I'll be down in a minute!
I'll have to investigate you more later...
Though it's probably worthless...
Whatever it opened is probably long gone.
Maybe it's just a silly tradition for our family or some-wait...
Is that
Simon, how did you find my house!?
Simon: Nevermind that!
Leon Hamilton Candel, I hereby challenge you to a ski race rematch for the anniversary of our original race!
Leon: Um... well my family and Tristan were just about to go on a trip to the Golden Snow Ski Resort-
Also, would I be able to get a ride with you guys? It was a rather cold run over here...
Leon: *sigh*

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