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Cat Comixz:
My main comic that I’ve been working on for over 8 years. It’s mostly about people reacting to Leon being a dummy. Also there’s some plot in there. There’s going to be alot more plot in the future. 

She made one wish - to be immortal. And it was granted… in a sense. Every time Red dies, she finds her consciousness in a new body and a new time. The consciousness that existed previously is gone forever, and she has the ability to change events all over time for better or for worse. 

The world she inhabits is purely one of magic; one where all modern conveniences (such as the internet) have a magical equivalent. There are many different periods of time and groups of people Red will get to experience.

(Red will be the main comic I work on once Cat Comixz is finished.)

How to Life; A Beginner’s Guide to Philosophy, Morality, and Other Important Crap:
Do you even get frustrated by how life doesn’t come with a manual? Well, be frustrated no longer! I’ll be able to (try and) answer the big questions and provide some guidance for various things almost all of us will deal with as human beings. 

(This is currently (slowly) being worked on.)

December 21st, 2012 was NOT the end of the world. In fact, it’s more accurate to say that it was a new beginning. It marked what was dubbed “The Arrival”, an event where countless creatures of human imagination and mythology (such as vampires, dragons, fairies, etc) all entered our world.

Home is a choose-your-own adventure type story, following Chad Skitz, who left his home to find his dad who fought against the more dangerous creatures that were brought forth. Along the way, he’ll make a couple new friends and make some choices that will impact the entire world. 

(Home is planned as a side-comic kind of thing set to begin once I work out some more details)

Series of Wonderful Nonsense:
My love-letter to the good old normal-people-enter-an-alternate-fantasy-world-and-explore kind of stories. 

In this, Amanda (along with her boyfriend Isaac and best friend Jonathan) explore the world of Tareh, home to the Chain-Smoking Homosexuals and the Flying Virgins (among other peoples). The two groups are at war, and it is believed that only Amanda and her friends can possibly end things peacefully.

(SoWN is set to begin shortly after I finish work on How to Life)


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
:fellaright: I'm a Freelance Cartoonist from Minnesota. I really enjoy drawing comics and I hope they get positive reviews from the good people of dA. Thanks for visiting! :fellaleft:


-Other Accounts-
:bulletblack: DarkArtsAcademy
:bulletblack: Facebook, Cat Comixz Fan Page
:bulletblack: FurAffinity
:bulletblack: Tumblr
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-Comics Of Mine-
:bulletblue: Cat Comixz
:bulletblue: Ninja Star and Blade Flower
:bulletblue: Squeakers
:bulletblue: Home
:bulletblue: Space and Tyme
:bulletblue: Everybody's Doing It

-Books Of Mine-
:bulletblue: Series of Wonderful Nonsense (book series)
:bulletblue: Minority (book)
:bulletblue: How to Life; A Beginner's Guide to Morality, Philosophy, and other Important Crap (life guide)

-Movies/Shows Involving Me-
:bulletblue: Coleplots10 (Guest appearances in his Let's Plays)


:bulletred: One week, Cat Comixz comic
:bulletred: Following week, a filler comic or artwork of some kind

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:bulletyellow: My Real Life Friends: ringostarsky, fg094, Thalazor, undefinedCaffeine
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:bulletyellow: Sisters: WolfKat777, DachaCyn, NanoWatts, BlueMoonRocket, Katsumi-Kin, tinluva
:bulletyellow: My Twin: Febilian
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-Comic series I read-
:bulletorange: Argyle Sweater, The Barn, Brevity, Calvin and Hobbes, Cul de sac, Dog Eat Doug, The Duplex, The Flying McCoys, F Minus, FoxTrot, Garfield Minus Garfield, Heart of the City, Heavenly Nostrils, Ink Pen, The Knight Life, Lio, My Cage, Non Sequitur, Ollie and Quentin, Ozy and Millie, Pearls before Swine, Pinkerton
:bulletorange: Homestuck
:bulletorange: Dumbing of Age
{Created by itswalky}
:bulletorange: Precocious
{Created by chrispco}
:bulletorange: Badly Drawn Kitties
:bulletorange: Bittersweet Candy Bowl
{Created by taeshilh}
:bulletorange: Housepets
{Created by RickGriffin}
:bulletorange: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
:bulletorange: Whomp
:bulletorange: Cucumber Quest
:bulletorange: Cheer Up, Emo Kid
:bulletorange: Sandra and Woo
:bulletorange: Sister Claire
{Created by Yamino}
:bulletorange: The Fourth
{Created by Altermentality}
:bulletorange: Camp Weedonwantcha
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:bulletorange: Simple Bear
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:bulletorange: The Property of Hate
:bulletorange: The GaMERCaT
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:bulletorange: Commander Kitty
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:bulletorange: Completely Serious Comics
:bulletorange: Our Personal Purgatory
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:bulletorange: Adventures of the Great Captain Maggie
:bulletorange: For Lack of a Better Comic
:bulletorange: Dreamkeepers Graphic Novels (1)(2) (3)
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:bulletpurple: Terrain of Magical Expertise
{Created by Kirbopher15}
:bulletpurple: Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged
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:bulletpurple: Dragonball Z Abridged
:bulletpurple: The Angry Videogame Nerd
:bulletpurple: Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged
:bulletpurple: Bunny Kill
:bulletpurple: There She Is
:bulletpurple: Apocalypse Lane
:bulletpurple: Tv Tome Adventures
{Created by Kirbopher15}
:bulletpurple: Red vs Blue


-Awesome People!- (from A-Z)


Cat Comixz 163 by CatComixzStudios
Cat Comixz 163
(Previous) (Archive) (Next)

You're in like 7th or 8th grade, Leon. Calm down. 

Mr. Dollenson: AHH! What!?
Leon: I demand tomorrow off!
Don't you teachers realize how stressful this all is for us!? You make it seem like our whole lives depend on our grades, then you overload us with work!
You tell us to get involved with extracurricular activities, AND you tell us to keep in contact with our families and friends!
Have mercy and give us at least one time break from all of the pressure!
Mr. Dollenson: Um... well, I understand that this all must be very stressful for you, Leon, but I can't give you tomorrow off. 
Mr. Dollenson: I can't give you tomorrow off because it'll be Saturday, Leon. 
Leon: Oh...
Kind wish I checked my calendar before trying this...
Cat Comixz 162 by CatComixzStudios
Cat Comixz 162
(Previous) (Archive) (Next)

Melody got a job interview at the indoor garden center in town. For some reason, she didn't think Leon coming along would end negatively at all. 

She's totally reading from a mental script in the beginning. Poor girl. It is her first interview.

Ugh, this one turned into a mess when I got to the coloring stages. I was having trouble making it look like there was some kind of huge window to the garden center in the background. Something I'll have to work on in the future. 

I'm gonna try to mess around with a paint program I found on my computer in the future to see if I can improve some things. 

On the upside, I am proud of the fact that I'm getting more comfortable with playing around with the sizes of panels and messing around more often with the view. :XD: Plus I don't often get to draw the characters running around in the nude, so that's different. Win-some lose-some.

Interviewer: So tell me a little about yourself, Melody. 
Melody: Well...
I've loved gardening my whole life. I've got good leadership skills an-and I enjoy working with others...
I'm very close to my family, but I'm eager to start making my own way in the world. I'm always seeking new opportunities.
Interviewer: Alright, you're making a good case for yourself. How well do you think-
Leon: Hey, Melody!
Melody: Oh, please, no...
Leon: Good news! I've abandoned my worldly possessions and I've become one with nature!
Oh, hey, Miss Interviewer? PLEASE hire my sister here. All she does at home is sit around on her laptop. I'm desperate to get her out of the house for once.

Most of her flowers look great, I promise! I'd have brought some, but Melody probably would have gotten mad. Anyway, good luck, sis. You've got this!
I'm gonna go roll in something.
Interviewer: ...
Well um... how well do you-
Melody: It's ok, you can stop. I know I'm not getting the job. 
Interviewer: If you can stop him from rolling in the tulips, we can reschedule. 
Card - Simon Bizmark Prayerpramp by CatComixzStudios
Card - Simon Bizmark Prayerpramp
(Cat Comixz Archive) /// (Leon) (Melody) (Atelia) (Tristan) (Sara)

I decided to make some cards for each of the main Cat Comixz cast members! They will function as a reference for myself and others, as well as my main way of conveying information about them. Let's get to know Simon a little better.

Simon Prayerpramp
Atelia's older brother who is, for unknown reasons, British. He's got the regal white fur of the family, and he is always seen in a scarf. It's probably just a fashion thing. Simon is obsessed with money, wealth, and treasure. He's lucky to have the family he does, considering that. His pride is damaged easily, and he has the emotional understanding of an alien, but he still forges very deep connections with people he cares about. Simon also seems to be hiding some secrets that will be developed later on...

Series: Cat Comixz
Species: Anthro cat
Sex/Gender: Male/Male
Age: Generally between 15-18
Size: 4 feet, 8 inches (1.4224 meters); 97 pounds (43 kilograms)
Known languages: English
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: Also unknown
Personality: Greedy, prideful, intelligent, adventurous
Religious beliefs: Atheist
Hobbies: Skiing
Goals: Obtaining (more) wealth
Positive traits: Adventurous, intelligent
Negative traits: Greedy, prideful
Skills: Easy understanding of complicated concepts
Intelligence: Brilliant
Family: Markus (Father), Sheila (Mother), Atelia (Sister)
Friends: Leon

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