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Look, I can deal with your stupid-ass new tag system. Even though you can't have spaces for no reason. Even though it never auto-completes with what I want it to say. I can at LEAST fight that and make it work. 

But why IN FUCK'S NAME did you get rid of the ability to add your own text to links? SERIOUSLY. I'm sure your thinking was that it would be more convenient (like your fuck-ugly tag system), but I DON'T NEED EVERYTHING DONE FOR ME. I want to be able to name links how I please. It's so nice for comic artists to be able to link their comics together, or to be able to make a certain word in a sentence a link. 

But now you've broken it for NO FUCKING REASON. Honestly, what the fuck? The reason I liked to use this site was because it was so convenient for art. I was able to organize things just how I wanted. But at this point, I have to fight your system more than use it.

This place has already become a ghost town. Honest to god, Tumblr might be a better option at this point. I don't have any of the formatting problems that deviantART has introduced. There's actually people there. Hell, the only thing you guys have left to offer me is folders, rather than having to scroll through my pieces one by one. 

I got my start here. My comic began here and I don't want to have to leave. But deviantART, seriously, please stop fucking us over like this.


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:fellaright: I'm a Freelance Cartoonist from Minnesota. I really enjoy drawing comics and I hope they get positive reviews from the good people of dA. Thanks for visiting! :fellaleft:


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:bulletblue: Series of Wonderful Nonsense (book series)
:bulletblue: Minority (book)
:bulletblue: How to Life; A Beginner's Guide to Morality, Philosophy, and other Important Crap (life guide)

Movies/Shows Involving Me
:bulletblue: RageQuitIncorporated (Let's Plays)
:bulletblue: Coleplots10 (Guest appearances in his Let's Plays)


:bulletred: One week, Cat Comixz comic
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:bulletpurple: The Legend of Zelda Abridged, Majora's Mask Abridged

:bulletpurple: There She Is
:bulletpurple: Apocalypse Lane
:bulletpurple: Tv Tome Adventures
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:bulletpurple: Red vs Blue


Awesome People! (from A-Z)



Cat Comixz 151 by CatComixzStudios
Cat Comixz 151
(Cat Comixz 150) (Cat Comixz Archive) (Next)

Sending kids to their rooms doesn't really work as a punishment anymore. It certainly wouldn't for me, since it's where I spend like 90% of my time while I'm at home. :XD: 

I've realized that Mary and Melody look extremely similar, so I'm working on some traits to help tell them apart besides height and what they're wearing. You might have noticed that Melody's ears have much more rounded tips, while her mom has really long and pointy ears. And you might also be wondering how she got that amazing figure. :dummy: Chalk it up to tons of stress (likely most of it coming from Leon). 

Please don't let my mom see this comic I don't want to give her ideas

Mary: Leon, did you do any of your chores today? 
Leon: Mom, I think we both know the answer to that question, so I'm going to assume it was rhetorical. 
Mary: Ugh, we've been through this EVERY DAY this week. I'm sick of it. You're grounded. 
Leon: Alright, fine, I'm going to my room...
Mary: Oh no you don't! You want me to send you to your room, which has your video games, cable tv, a radio, books, internet, and comics? I wasn't born yesterday, Leon. 
Leon: Ok, but then where exactly do you want me to go?
Mary: Hmm...
Leon: You know you're going to regret this decision when someone has to use the bathroom, right!?
Mary: Quiet down, or I'll make you spend time outside!
Pokefriends by CatComixzStudios
I had been planning on making this for a while (shortly after the previous big friend picture), and now it's here! :dummy: I asked around which Pokemon my friends would want to be if they could become one, and here's what they picked!

LakenArts is trying to help Febilian reach her glasses, with accidentally got caught on BlueMoonRocket's... arm thing? Meanwhile, VideoCookies is swinging on Kat's other arm. :noes: Poor Kat.

Four of my friends, it turned out, loved certain eeveelutions, so I decided it would be fitting to gather them all together. DachaCyn, being the little artist, like always is drawing using her pretty bows. Altermentality got curious and wanted to see what she's drawing (but those freakin' bows got in the way). tinluva is bragging about how cool and fast she is, but NanoWatts is too polite to move away. :lol:

Pinkcatninja, get off the ceiling! I know you want to teach everyone science, but you're about to fall! And lastly, I'm standing there, contemplating which of my friends I should attempt to capture. :meow: 

This was really fun. It's always nice to try drawing things out of my comfort zone, so I appreciate my friends for giving me the opportunity. :thanks: And of course for just being awesome friends. :la:

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