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Look, I can deal with your stupid-ass new tag system. Even though you can't have spaces for no reason. Even though it never auto-completes with what I want it to say. I can at LEAST fight that and make it work. 

But why IN FUCK'S NAME did you get rid of the ability to add your own text to links? SERIOUSLY. I'm sure your thinking was that it would be more convenient (like your fuck-ugly tag system), but I DON'T NEED EVERYTHING DONE FOR ME. I want to be able to name links how I please. It's so nice for comic artists to be able to link their comics together, or to be able to make a certain word in a sentence a link. 

But now you've broken it for NO FUCKING REASON. Honestly, what the fuck? The reason I liked to use this site was because it was so convenient for art. I was able to organize things just how I wanted. But at this point, I have to fight your system more than use it.

This place has already become a ghost town. Honest to god, Tumblr might be a better option at this point. I don't have any of the formatting problems that deviantART has introduced. There's actually people there. Hell, the only thing you guys have left to offer me is folders, rather than having to scroll through my pieces one by one. 

I got my start here. My comic began here and I don't want to have to leave. But deviantART, seriously, please stop fucking us over like this.


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:fellaright: I'm a Freelance Cartoonist from Minnesota. I really enjoy drawing comics and I hope they get positive reviews from the good people of dA. Thanks for visiting! :fellaleft:


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Awesome People! (from A-Z)


Cat Comixz 153 by CatComixzStudios
Cat Comixz 153
(Cat Comixz 152) (Cat Comixz Archive) (Next)

:meow: If you thought Leon as a kitten was cute, just take a look at little Melody. 

A while back I tried to sort of distance the world of Cat Comixz from the concept of Christmas, but I've sort of turned around on it. I do believe most of the characters would celebrate it, but largely in the same way most people in real life do nowadays; as a chance to give and receive gifts, put up bright decorations, and spend some time with their family. :thanks:

Another point of interest is that, at this point, Leon hasn't developed speech yet. In the Cat Comixz universe (let's call it the CCU), that doesn't really develop until they're nearer Melody's age in this comic. :XD: Instead they make normal cat noises as kittens. Meowing is their baby talk. 

Writing kitten Leon is one of my favorite things. It allows me to describe the world in such a complicated way, yet still simplified. I don't really know how to describe it. 

We'll be going back to the normally aged characters in the next set. I've got a story I've been really excited to tell since I hinted at it in Cat Comixz 128. :shh: We're going to be learning about Sara's family.

Leon: (Sister! Thank Cthulhu you're here! You need to assist me!)
(As you can see, our mother has once again wrapped me up like some common burrito, and I need you to help me get to that gaudy tree our parents set up in here. They mentioned presents for "good little kitties", and I fulfill all of those criteria!)
(Yes! Thank you, sister! I will remember th-)
Melody: Hehe, Leon falled!
Leon: (I'm glad my tragedy amuses you.)
(Melody? Melody, I hear you walking away.)
*sigh* Must my life be only misfortune and disappointment? 
Cat Comixz 152 by CatComixzStudios
Cat Comixz 152
(Cat Comixz 151) (Cat Comixz Archive) (Cat Comixz 153)

:dummy: Who wants to see Leon as a kitten? Everybody, right? Good! 

Since I don't know anything about babies or toddlers, I can't confirm his specific age here. He's still crawling, if that helps. 

This comic gives us confirmation that Leon has been a genius since he was an infant. Though, he's already showing signs of not being focused on things he should do. :XD: 

The tail thing is largely a joke, but even I'm curious what purpose tails would serve on a species of cat people. :? It would probably just be an evolutionary holdover, I suppose. 

And no, Leon didn't ever complete his research on this perfect energy source. :meow: He did find that his tail was cute though.

Leon: It is nearly complete. I've spent almost my whole life on this project, and it shouldn't be long before I have the final details worked out.
Soon we will have a source of energy that can create as much power as it uses! Fiction will soon become fact and science will be turned on its head!
But I just can't bring myself to finish my research. Like the humble artist, the inventors and scientists of the world can grow weary of projects that used to fill them with excitement on a daily basis. 
It saddens me to known that passions fade, and that the heart and mind begin to wander, becoming consumed by new desires, new dreams. What of dreams not yet achieved?
Oh, if only life could last forever. But if it did, I suppose we would have no motivation at all to complete our works. Truly, I wish my passion was focused on my perfect energy source...
But the question of what this...
thing is that's attached to my butt simply DEMANDS an answer.
Black Friday

Accessing historical archives. Retrieving requested information.

Timing: Late Industrial Period. Event: Black Friday.

During the industrial period, the working class was specifically made up of criminals and those who entered the country illegally. The immediate families of these people were also forced to join them, though they would always be separated. The working class were given almost no rights. They could not own land, have families, or escape their status. The workers were expected to complete the most dangerous, difficult, and time-consuming work in society. They were slaves in all but name.

This was how the system ran during the Industrial Period. There were attempted rebellions, but none ever really had much impact. However, one of these rebellions would end up changing the course of history forever.

On the most busy day of the year, one working class citizen (whose name has been lost to history) committed suicide on the job. Other working class people took notice, and nearly every one joined. Word spread extremely fast. Many wealth owners and politicals attempted to reason with the working class, but they soon started to see how little the workers had to lose.

At the end of the day, 2 million working class citizens had taken their own lives. This was almost the entirety of the class itself. The day would later become known as Black Friday.

Timing: Late Industrial Period. Event: The weekend rebellion

The days after Black Friday were full of confusion and terror. The politicals denounce the workers who ended their lives. The wealth owners had to scramble to find new workers now that almost all of them had ended their lives. The wealth owners plead with the politicals to find them a new source of labor. The politicals ask people to come forward to fill these spots in, but given the horrible reputation of what being working class means, no one volunteers.

By the Sunday after Black Friday, forces were deployed by the politicals to kidnap and create a new working class. Word is spread almost immediately, and there is violent rebellion against the politicals (and to a lesser extent, the wealth owners). The forces sent by the politicals could not stop the chaos that they began.

The fighting was largely without casualties. The politicals and wealth owners did not want to put themselves in an even more dangerous position by killing even more citizens (they would have trouble filling in the current positions as it is). The rest of the citizens, largely lacking any effective weapons, mostly charged the forces with their bare hands, desperate to not lose their families and livelihoods. However, the citizens did manage to overpower the politicals main meeting hall. The president is assassinated, and the Industrial Period as we know it came to an end.

Timing: The Reconciliation.

With the president gone, a power vacuum opens. Many politicals attempt to steal his seat, and one eventually succeeds. In an attempt to quell the riots and attacks, he quickly drafts a lottery. Those chosen would serve as the new working class, but he promises many changes to make the working class more appealing. He promises better pay and treatment, and that all working class people are free to have families and remain in contact with their families.

This lottery system seems to solve the problem of filling the dangerous jobs. Most citizens did not have to work, and most have to be taught how to do the dangerous jobs previously held by the now deceased working class. Few enjoyed it, but the politicals and wealth owners convinced everyone that it had to be done to maintain order.

However, The Reconciliation had an interesting impact on the youth. The youth born during The Reconciliation were the first in over 100 years to not be around a de facto working class. Many youth now have parents, friends, and acquaintances who are being forced to do the most dangerous jobs in the country. These new working class citizens start to realize that things were not as promised.

Most of the money being made continued to flow straight to the wealth owners. The new working class and their youth became aware that the promises of better treatment and wealth to the workers were grossly overstated. Almost none of the new working class receive anything promised to them, but the politicals try to silence them. The wealth owners attempt to buy off the most loud voices of opposition.

The youth, in particular, begin to rebel. They start spreading the word of the poor treatment of the working class, a fact that was largely hidden from the public eye (working class citizens were not allowed nearly any contact with those outside their class). The politicals and wealth owners desperately try to cover up these issues.

The youth, now becoming eligible for the lottery, began refusing to work until conditions improved. Some starved, some were beaten by the forces of the wealth, but they all held strong and sent a message. The politicals and wealth owners tried to paint these rebels as lazy, as complainers, and as citizens who were destroying the country, but their refusal to work remained.

The politicals and wealth owners eventually find themselves backed into a corner. Work in the country is not getting done, and people are beginning to die. However, the word of the disgusting mistreatment, combined with the horrible personal true stories of various citizens spread. The citizens stood together, preferring to die rather than make their own suffer. The politicals and wealth owners have no recourse but to surrender power to the citizens. After a little over 10 years, The Reconciliation was ended.

Timing: Early Modern Era.

Many of the wealth owners and politicals were ousted and reduced to the status of regular citizens. Some of the more popular citizens found success and in the fields previously held by those politicals and wealth owners, but had a much stronger connection to the public. For the first time in over 100 years, regular citizens, working class, politicals, and wealth owners all lived together.

The stigmas against the working class were beginning to be lifted. Politicals were granting them the rights promised to them during The Reconciliation, and the wealth owners offered them enough pay to be equal to other citizens. They finally felt like the politicals representing them were actually doing just that. Generations started to come and go, and a new order took place.

One of the first orders introduced by the new politicals was a day where everyone would be have time off, and would be able to remember and honor those who lost their lives for the order that existed in that day. The anniversary of Black Friday was chosen. Today, it is most often observed as a day to honor the value of all lives, though most specifically the hard workers in society.
Black Friday
This story is the result of me thinking that "Black Friday" sounds like some horrible event from the past that would include alot of lost lives, as well as wanting to write something in the style of a historical archive. 

This is obviously fictional, but it is very much inspired by real life.

I couldn't think of any of my stories that it could fit into, so I decided to make it its own thing. If anyone wants to use this or something very similar to this as part of their own world's history, feel free to do so. 

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